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Emeka Egoigwe Writes To Lambasts Senator Oluremi Tinubu

b-12 Emeka Egoigwe Writes: As a married woman and a senator of the federal Republic, you should be a role model to all women out there.

Now looking at Senator Oluremi Tinubu who is always in the habit of fighting and poking the faces of her male colleagues at the slightest provocations, one can hardly see or take her as a role model. Little wonder Dino is threatening to beat her up and impregnate her.13612178_537489019772012_5305139839922455379_n

When a woman who is expected to carry herself with dignity like the other distinguished lady senators, decide to always engage in fisticuffs with the likes of Dino, don’t be surprised, one day they may just beat her up and impregnate her and nothing will happen, after all, Nigeria has seen worse things and nothing happened.

Was it not in this country that a 13year old Ese Oruru was abducted from her father’s house in Bayelsa state, taken to the emir Sanusi’s palace in Kano, forcefully converted to Islam and impregnated by whomever it was they are hiding his identity yet nothing happened? The police feigned helpless and watched the whole thing go down.

So Madam Tinubu, you may want to take that threat seriously oo, after all, Senator Dino Melaye has been known to do exactly what he threatened to do to you to his ex wife. Don’t say you were not warned. If you think your husband can do anything when the threat is actualized, then you are in for a rude shock… The best thing for you is to turn a new leaf and behave yourself in a manner befitting your status as a lady and a married woman.

Written By:- Emeka Egoigwe

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