Eniola Badmus: “I must be with a man for 5 Years before I Marry him”


In an interview with Encomium Magazine, When asked about her marriage plans, Actress Eniola Badmus said she must date a guy for at least five years before she will consider marrying him. Eniola said: “What is the point if I marry today and tomorrow it’s over? What’s the essence? I am living my life. I will have a baby when necessary. Marriage is good but what’s the essence of me getting married today and tomorrow I’m not in it? For any man I am going to marry or call my husband we should be together for five years before we walk down the aisle. We may have children but at least after five years I will know that you’re ready for me. Not getting married today, and tomorrow he’s out! I’ve seen it happen to my friends, I don’t want to go through that trauma.

Uhm, That you date a guy for five years doesn’t guarantee that the marriage will last? 

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