Enlightenment about ‘Narrow gauge’ or “Standard gauge’ Train & Railway system in Nigeria.


Rail-road-in-NigeriaEmmanuel Orubor Wrote: A little enlightenment about the train and railway system in Nigeria.
I want everybody to know that unlike the relationship between cars and roads, trains are designed for definite and precise rail track. The Rail tracks could be ‘Narrow gauge’ or “Standard gauge’. Narrow gauge railway lines constitute a high percentage of Nigeria’s rail way lines and high speed trains can never run on them. For high speed train, the Nigerian Govt had to construct the Standard gauge rail way system which the fast trains can run on. No Train can run on both the standard and Narrow gauge railway line so what the government did was to refurbish the old railway lines and then started building new Standard gauges.

The Railway lines built from Abuja to Kaduna , Ajokuta to Warri and lagos-Ibadan, Lagos-Enugu and Port Harcourt through Onitsha which has been awarded……etc are all standard guages and will be fast trains.



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