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Enugu State lawmakers reject bill seeking gender equality

instaYesterday, a bill known as ‘Equal Rights and Opportunities for Men and Women and Other Matters Related Thereto Bill’, sponsored by a female member of the House, Hon. Dame Nkechi Omeje-Ogbu, representing Nsukka West Constituency, was rejected by members of the state house of assembly. .

Most of the male members kicked out viciously against it because they see it ‘anti-cultural’ and ‘un-African’. The sponsor, Omeje-Ogbu, had explained that the bill, if passed into law, would protect all persons from discrimination on the basis of gender, in private and public places. .

According to her, the bill provided “protection for women’s bodies, integrity, dignity and would affirm their right to equal opportunities to realise their full potentialsâ€. She added that the bill was also seeking positions and appointments for the women of Enugu State, noting that marriage, divorce and widowhood should not deny them their rights. .

Hon. Sunny Ude-Okoye, representing Awgu North Constituency, said that he would not be a party to the bill ‘because here is Africa and not America’. He suggested that if anybody wishes to embrace practices as suggested in the bill, such a person should relocate to America. He said: “I have risen to declare my stand, I have risen to take my stand that this is a colossal waste.â€â€¦. Kudos to them for their bravery.