Ex-wife of Prophet Soul E ”Queen Ure” taunts Cynthia Morgan“Nobody is above the law”


Cynthia-Morgan-and-Queen-UreQueen Ure has refused to back down,Despite being attacked and threatened by Cynthia Morgan on social media. The ex-wife  of Prophet Soul E who took to the law and obtained a Federal Hight injunction restraining Cynthia Morgan, as well as radio DJs, and TV Stations from playing the song ‘Popori, over claims of copyright infringement, has responded with spirit, saying Cynthia Morgan is bound to obey the law.

Cynthia Morgan released the song, ‘Popori’ in November 2014, a pop single which is currently receiving mass airplay. But that airplay will be gradually limited and ultimately grind to a complete halt if the injunction by the court is to be followed. Queen Ure’s case hinges on claims that the song infringes the copyright of her debut album which was named ‘Poporri’.

“The court has said that her song should not be played and that is it.” A bullish Queen Ure told Saturday Beats.

Queen Ure claims she owns the copyright to the word since she created the slang. But Cynthia Morgan’s argument lies in the spelling of the word. Queen Ure would have none of that though, hoping to see through her aim of stopping the circulation of the song.


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