Exclusive Photos from Afropop Worldwide’s Nollywood Documentary


7_IMG_5975Exclusive Photos from Afropop Worldwide’s Nollywood Documentary, What did you do on your summer vacation? While the rest of us were road-tripping up and down our respective interstates or grilling Boca burgers in grandma’s backyard, frequent collaborator Wills Glasspiegel was posted up in Lagos, Nigeria with some field recorders, a Canon 7D, and a co-producer named Drew Alt.

Wills just released a one hour long radio show for Afropop Worldwide on the subject of Nollywood, the country’s massive film industry, third largest in the world behind that of the United States and India (second if you’re looking at production numbers rather than revenue). He’s been kind enough to give us some exclusive snaps and a little bit of background from working and interviewing on the set with director Ikechukwu Onyeka as he filmed two movies at once: Brother’s Keeper is about two rivaling twin brothers and Jaffar the Beautiful Beast is the story of a young woman’s struggle and determination

to regain her lost innocence and pride in the face of human trafficking and sex slavery. We’ll have to insist you get to listening while you peruse our photos (click to open the recording in a separate page). The recording is available in ten chapters via Soundcloud. Brace for a wonderfully thorough trip through Nigeria’s inimitable film phenomenon, where the two documentarians touch on everything from dark magic and the occult to corrupt politicians, dirty money, and post-colonial tensions.


1. On the set of Brother’s Keeper, directed by Ikechuckwu Onyeka (second from left, kneeling) 

2. Nollywood movies are often shot on location in borrowed mansions.  Everything is hyper-dramatic, even the upholstery.


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