Fans Mock Kate Henshaw For Sharing This Photo


    Nollywood Kate Henshaw has recently shared an emotional make-up free photo on Instagram, lending her voice to the ongoing #BringBackOurGirls campaign and it was met with mixed reactions. Celebrity fans can be gracious with their comments and sometimes they can really say some awful things. While some of Kate Henshaw’s fans thought that it was nice of the actress to campaign without makeup on, some said they were disappointed as they had always thought the actress was a beautiful, glowing and age defying woman, with or without makeup. Some of her fans went as far as saying: “I used to use her as an example of a woman who can be over 40 and look 20, this particular one no follow at all”. “Makeup really does wonders” “I used to think she was younger than her age, but she looks like a grandma” Well, fans have the power to say whatever they feel, pleasant or not?
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