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FIFA president Gianni Infantino proposes inclusion of two more African teams at 2026 World Cup that’ll include 40 teams  

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Monday in Abuja that he hopes Africa gets two more spots at the World Cup if his proposal for the tournament to be expanded to 40 teams at the 2026 World cup goes through.
There are presently 32 finalists that participate in the World Cup with Africa represented by five teams.
Infantino, elected in February this year, arrived in Abuja on Sunday on a two-day visit to Nigeria and let Nigerian football stakeholders know he carries the growth of African football in his heart.
‘I believe for the 2026 World Cup, we should have 40 teams and out of the additional eight teams we should have at least two more African teams,’ Infantino told reporters in Abuja.
‘We are discussing this and I hope I will be able to convince everyone as well.’
‘I foresee Nigeria as a bedrock for the development of the game in Africa, however infrastructure, stability and security are needed to make this happen,’ Infantino added.

During his visit, Infantino met with 18 federation presidents across Africa and also attended the final of a national youth tournament.

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