Five Characteristics of Having Good Work Ethics


ethics1Five Characteristics of Having Good Work Ethics, When you have a good work ethic, you are dedicated to job that you deem valuable. You hold yourself to high standards of responsibility. You also keep yourself accountable for getting work done right and on time, and for making good business decisions that help people and companies succeed. Having a solid work ethic means you understand that productivity, organizational skills, being reliable and possessing good character are all attributes that successful people share.

Stealing personal property, sabotaging a coworker’s client presentation, or taking someone’s idea and making it your own are all ways that dishonesty creeps into the workplace. Employees with strong ethics refrain from lying or cheating to make others look bad in the hopes of making themselves appear smarter. Instead, they take responsibility for mistakes, own up to failures and keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved.

Workplace gossip can be destructive. When employees gossip about their peers, bosses or even clients, it’s considered deviant behavior. An employee with good workplace ethics refuses to engage in gossip or even listen it. This person will encourage others to mind their own business, or else address the person or situation head-on so that assumptions and badmouthing can stop. Doing so helps eliminate resentment among coworkers and helps keep morale up.   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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