Five Ways To Be In Control Of Your Man


m5U4nZbYou know what I’m tired of You?

It’s women who sound out of control. Not that they’re crazy, but just that they aren’t the ones calling the shots. They wonder if he likes this or that in bed, they wonder if he asked them out as a friend or more than a friend, they wonder, they wonder… Don’t worry about what he likes or what he wants. Say what you want. Take what you want. If he doesn’t want you in return, no big deal. But if he does, he will find it so hot and attractive.

That in mind and from a man’s perspective, there are 7 moves I personally think every woman should try in order to be in control rather like a love puppet.

1: Ask Him Out

It amazes me how many women still think it’s taboo to ask a man out. If you ask him out with confidence—like there isn’t a doubt in your mind that he will say yes—then asking him out doesn’t make you look desperate. It makes you look like a woman who is so confident in herself that she knows what she is worthy of, and is comfortable asking for it.

2: Demand It, Don’t Ask It

Don’t ask “do you have plans Thursday night?” and then “do you like pizza?” and then “I was thinking if you’re up for or if we could…” Just say “Hey, you and me should get pizza Thursday. I want to see you.” Everyone likes to feel desired. He will feel very desired if you just take his time when you want it.

3: Announce Your Heart-desires

If you and a man have hooked up a few times, you’re out in a group and that awkward moment has arrived when everyone is saying goodbye, everyone knows you and this particular guy have a thing, and you’re just trying to find a sly way to go home with him, don’t try to be sly at all. Just grab him by the arm and say to everyone else “goodnight guys. This one’s coming with me.” He will find that so attractive.

4: Don’t Worry About Where It’s Going

I don’t mean to pretend you’re not worried about it. Literally, don’t worry about it. Tell yourself this. I have a gorgeous man that I get to have regular sex with whom I also enjoy spending time with. Life is short. We don’t need to know where this is going, so long as it keeps on going like this. Believe me, if you don’t show even the slightest hint of wondering where things are going, he will find that composure and independence so attractive, and he will bring it up.


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