Former Anambra State Governor Obi Visits Nigerians injured in xenophobic South African Attacks


10553404_702418456534513_2206182457025524090_nFORMER Anambra State governor Peter Obi has paid a visit to some of the Nigerians displaced and injured by the ongoing xenophobic attacks on foreigners currently taking place across South Africa. Over the last week, South Africa has been plagued with horrific xenophobic attacks in which hundreds of African migrants have been murdered in cold blood by armed mobs. According to the Nigerian high commission in Pretoria, Nigerians have suffered losses totalling R1.2m or N21m (£70,600) as a result of looting, burnt shops, two burnt mechanic workshops, 11 burnt cars and two stolen vehicle, among others.


Although so far there has been no loss of life, according to Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke, the Nigerian consul-general in South Africa, two of the three Nigerians who were wounded during attacks had been treated and discharged from the hospital. Nigeria is due to begin evacuating her citizens who want to return home from South Africa this week.


Governor Obi, who is currently in South Africa, went to visit some Nigerians who sustained varying level of injuries and assured them that the federal government will soon do something to ensure their safety. Already, many of the Nigerians have been relocated to makeshift camps protected by armed guards.


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