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Fresh Violence Hits Peremabiri Community In Bayelsa State

Eris Paul, ex-militant leader of MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) 

Tensions are mounting in the Peremabiri Community of Bayelsa State following reports that armed men attempted to attack ex-militant Eris Paul (AKA Ogunboss). Community youths were able to arrest one of the attackers, Mr. Attitude Ebi, after a hot pursuit.
The suspect was subsequently turned over to Naval officers who delivered a brutal beating to the man.
Following his beating, Mr. Ebi was formally arrested for attempting to cause mayhem in the Peremabiri Community. He confessed that he was told by a friend that he would be paid N50,000 if he came to the community to cause trouble and vote.Numerous community youths are now said to be patrolling the area armed with sticks, cutlasses, and clubs.

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