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The Best Friends Alert!: Today’s feature is all about Nollywood Actress Linda Ejiofor and Actor Shawn Faqua

The Best Friends Alert!!! Today’s feature is all about Actress Linda Ejiofor  and Actor Shawn Faqua…yup, they are BFFs and are poplarly known as ‘the lover’ and the ‘boobookitty’ in their circle of friends…drum rolls!

A little bird told KFb that they used to be lovers back when Shawn Faqua was in UNIPORT but we are not exactly sure how true that is. One thing we are however certain of is their Best frienship…and how much Linda adores Shawn.

In an interview Linda had earlier this year, she talked about her relationship with Shawn.
He is my celebrity crush.  He is my best friend, my Nigga, my die hard friend. Someone I can run to and talk to about the worst of anything I am going through. We are very good friends.

On his birthday weeks ago, she wrote “You know I wil always and continue to wish the very best and it will come to pass. God has blessed you beyond measures and will continue to do so sweetie. Go and shine”

The time they went on vacation

Also on her birthday, Shwan had beautiful words for her. “Happy birthday to a beautiful soul, uber-talented, strong, smart, blessed and gorgeous woman. May this new year bring with it a new level of capacity to enable you handle all that Heaven has in store for you. Welcome to your year of Joy indescribable”

Oh by the way, when she was asked to talk about her dream man in an interview whe had earlier this year she said

I know he has to be God fearing. He has to respect me and respect my work. Love me, have a great sense of humor, would love to do the things I do, like stay at home because I love to stay home.
But if he chooses to go out, then fine, but we will have fun together. I am not a ‘Tall dark and handsome Person’. He has to be good looking shaa (laughs) before my children will swear for me.

Oh la la!  Now check out these adorable photos of Linda…we never get tired of talking about how much she naled her role in the amazing movie ‘The Meeting”.













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