Funny Symptoms That You Are “Due” To Go Get Yourself A Wife/Partner



Funny Symptoms That You Are “Due” To Go Get Yourself A Wife/Partner, When a guy starts approaching his Mid-20s and above, more often than not, certain actions begins to play out on their own…

Those actions are pointing him to one thing: Go and get yourself a wife.

Some of them are:

1. When knife cuts him

So he goes to the market trying to cook soup. He gets leaves to slice, he gets cut by the angry knife . He wants to slice yam. The knife does the same- he just needs a helper .

2. When market women cheat on him

Market women too are angry with him seeing him come to the market with a list. They play a fast one on him if he’s not smart… This is a major sign… Bachelor dey hear am from market women o…If you don’t know market well sha…

3. Cooking and doing the dishes begins to bore him..

Since he began staying alone as a bachelor, he just finds it a chore and a task to cook or to even do the dishes. He isn’t lazy. He just doesn’t understand why.

4.When he starts lusting unusually

Before now, he never really used to do this but all of a sudden everything on skirt starts enticing him. His desire to be with a girl heightens. His sexual desire starts getting the best of him. .

5. When serious ladies starts seriously stalking him.

Every serious lady ready for marriage will go after his kind… Everywhere he is, the serious ones are around him and stalking him out… He has that luxury of choosing just ONE.


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