Gbenga Ashafa: Festac Boat Mishap Could Be Avoided

Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Senator Gbenga Ashafa said the tragedy at Amuwo Odofin, which claimed 15 lives, could be avoided. 
He made this known while giving out life jackets to local commercial boat owners in Agboyi-Ketu and Ikorodu West Local Council Development Areas at Agboyi water jetty, Lagos. Recalling the capsicized boad mishap, Ashafa stressed that people’s safety should be handled with utmost priority “because it is only the living that can benefit from the fulfilment of the promises made during campaigns.” Donating 150 life jackets to the local boat owners, he encouraged all those present to remain safety-conscious and alert. For Now nite boat or ferry transport has been banned in lagos state, to circumvent further happenings..
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