General Buhari Dusts Goodluck Jonathan in New Presidential Polls


10946388_602525459881338_2043893343_nGeneral Buhari Dusts Goodluck Jonathan in New Presidential Polls

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“If Buhari was pictured attending a mosque, and it was reported that the Imam said ‘he would open the gates to hell upon those who oppose Buhari’, and Buhari sat there and said nothing, what do you think many people would be saying today? If Buhari was pictured going to different mosques and kneeling before Imams, as part of his campaign, what do we think the comments would be? If Buhari was pictured going on pilgrimage to Mecca, surrounded by a retinue of fawning Imams, what would the response be from Nigerians? If Buhari invited senior Imams from across the country to a meeting with him, to discuss the elections and his campaign strategy, what would the Nigerian people think? GEJ has done all the above, and we are told he has a right to do so as a committed christian. Buhari has done none of the above yet he is called a religious fundamentalist with a plan to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation. Please examine the facts so we can honestly decide who is acting like the real religious fundamentalist? Who is using religious faith as a political ploy to get votes? No pastor, Bishop, GO, Reverend Father, Imam etc . They do NOT have the right to tell you who to vote for. Go out there and support the candidate of your choice. Make your choice based upon who will give you and your children a better life and a better Nigeria.”

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