General Muhammadu Buhari Falls Sick: Cancels Campaign In Benin, Delta State


BUHARI-TALKGeneral Muhammadu Buhari Falls Sick: Cancels Campaign In Benin, Delta State Hope For Nigeria writes:

**he was 10 hours late to the campaign in Delta state, as Aides claimed that he was so weak and needed medical attention.
**Pa Buhari fell down in calabar stadium on 07/01/2015, as a result of fatigue, party claim it was his long cloths that tripped him.

The presidential candidate of the All progressive congress (APC), Pa Muhammadu Buhari who has not being in good health condition in the last 18 months has finally cancelled his electionary campaign in Benin city, Edo state capital as a result of ill-health.

On the 7th of January, 2015, the candidate, Muhammadu Buhari was visibly looking frail and weak, fell down during his campaign in Calabar as a result of fatigue, but party leader said that it was the long dress that he was given to wear that tripped him.

Pa Buhari (73) was 10 hours late to his campaign in Warri, Delta state, as close Aides complained that “he was so weak this morning and needed medical attention”. When he managed to reach the warri stadium in Delta state, he was received by 986 people.

The former Military dictator’s family are worried about his health and wondering how he will cope with the busy schedule. The APC leadership in swift reaction to this situation has said that Prof Osibanjo, Buhari’s Vice Presidential candidate will be drafted to some state, while they monitor who Pa buhari will cope with the remaining states.


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  1. No to buhari, he’s a dictator who over threw a civilian rule, its written in history boldly,we dont need another like him GEJ is our man, and cant you see the sign he sick he should just step down with the little honour he has left .thats if he has any

  2. Hehehehehe i lov laghing in English, the proberbility of buhari falling down in calaba is inversily proportion of his health incapability, i knw he will be strugling not to disgrace him self in a public that way but he cant help since he is old nd unhealthy, i knw he will falling secretly, buhari pls step down b4 u end up lik yaradua

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