General Muhammadu Buhari’s wife (Aisha Buhari) Writes A Letter To Nigerians


Hajia-Aisha-Buhari-Nigeria-Election-Campaign-e1427292795524My fellow Nigerians,

Today, your voices are loud and clear. Today, the choices made by you all on Saturday and Sunday have just been confirmed by the electoral commission. The message is clear: CHANGE. You took all sorts of inconveniences: Some of you trekked for miles, stood for hours, and waited till the end of the counting before going home. Many of you even waited throughout the night to ensure you cast your votes.

For your sacrifice, your patience, your determination to be part of the democratic process from startto finish, you, my fellow Nigerians, are the real heroes of the last few days. You have stood firm, you have endured, in order to see the Nigeria of your dreams, in order to have a chance at a better future for your children, and in order to state your displeasure about the direction in which this country is going.

And that is what this election is about. You. All of you. Now, no one can treat your complaints in a nonchalant manner. No one can neglect you for years, only to try to correct mistakes in a few weeks because of re-election. You have spoken, and your wishes are clear.

I want to thank you all for supporting my husband on this journey towards a better nation. We have now reached another milestone, and we must quickly move on to others. To be successful, he needs your support. He cannot lead Nigeria alone. We have challenging times ahead as we try to right some of the wrongs in our country, and only by sticking together on this journey, will we be triumphant.

I also want to take this opportunity to appeal to supporters of the PDP, to accept the results in good faith as the will of the people. Nigeria is greater than any of us, and we must not, by our words and deeds in public or private, put the existence of this nation at risk, or cause harm to any of its citizens.

Now is the time to truly begin the process of healing this nation. Now is the time to stop dividing Nigeria by ethnicity or religion. Now is the time for this country to truly begin to work for all.

Once again, thank you all. I look forward to continuing this journey together.

God bless you, and God bless Nigeria.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Buhari! Your appeal to PDP is very hilarious and laughable, how come your husband and his supporters did not reciprocate same gesture in 2011? You have forgotten so quick that over 800 Nigerians were killed because of your husband’s quest, and desperation for power at all cost. Your husband must appeal to Nigerians and appease for the blood of the lost souls else their blood will forever hunt your family even in grave.

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