Germany Now Makes College Education Free as American Students Drown in Debt

brandenburg_590German students were paying only the equivalent of $630 a year for higher education, on average, the country’s elected representatives decided any tuition fees perpetuate inequality. Shutterstock Higher education tuition fees were banned in Germany earlier this week for anyone pursuing a degree in the country. Yes, that includes Americans. So, as Think Progress suggests in a recent piece, if you’re fed up with borrowing a huge amount of money as the trillion-dollar student debt burden in the U.S. continues to grow, maybe some German lessons are in order.Think Progress: German universities only began charging for tuition in 2006, when the German Constitutional Court ruled that limited fees, combined with loans, were not in conflict the country’s commitment to universal education. The measure proved unpopular, however, and German states that had instituted fees began dropping them one by one…Higher education is now free throughout the country, even for international students. [Tuesday], Lower Saxony became the last of seven German states to abolish tuition fees, which were already extremely low compared to those paid in the United States. SEE MORE ON PAGE 2
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