Ghallwood Actress Reveals How She Bought A Car under 8 Weeks Because a ‘BIG’ Actress Intimidated Her& Made Her Cry For Not Having One


SALMAMUMINThe Screen actress Salma Mumin was on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show to talk life in the spotlight and buying her first car. Looking back at how far she had come with her make-believe career she said;

“I nearly gave up; I kept walking from one audition to the other looking for roles and wasn’t succeeding. Sometimes, you get a walker pass role where you say nothing but just walk across the shot.

She revealed her come up was not as easy as she thought it was going to be because the industry had too many mean people. “People in the movie industry are sometimes mean, but I believe it’s same with every industry. I don’t know what it is but it’s like this person doesn’t like you. This one too thinks her shoes are better than yours. There are no relationships in this industry.

“I bought my first car because of what one of these big actresses did to me on set. “We were on set at the Accra Mall and the sun was scorching. So I went to this actress to ask if I could sit at the back seat because it was empty. This other actress who had left her car to be with the one I was asking was so rude to me and humiliated me.

“I don’t even remember what she said but it hurt me so much I cried all night when I went home. “So I told myself I was going to get a car. I worked so hard because apart from the movies I do little things on the side.

“What she did to me got to me so bad I gave myself a month or two and I got the car. It was a Toyota Yaris.”




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