Ghallywood: Juliet Ibrahim And Her OJB Topic

    Everyone wants to speak about Nigeria. Everyone, seriously! Even an American dog wants to bark when a Nigerian passes. The recent “international barking” came from a pretty woman. But it’s so sad that many people are pretty until they speak out or type a message, as the case may be. Juliet Ibrahim is a musician, of Lebanese and Liberian descent. She is Ghanaian too. I wonder how that works. And her Wikipedia page is as dry as my tap in the toilet. Everyone is a musician these days. This fair lady or gossip, as it appears runs a multi-dimensional foundation, so we discovered via her Instagram page. She says she cares for kidney patients too. OJB’s ailment can bring out many things ehn! Juliet Ibrahim said OJB’s kidney transplant would cost less than it’s been requested from the public. She quoted 50k USD and she went hard on the ‘ignorant people’ who seem to be bugging their fake jewellery adorning superstars. The painful side of the incident is that she felt it was obligatory to speak out so she did. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>>>>

    Parts of her message reads “I think it’s about time I speak up about this OJB topic that most of you ignorant people are using to harass and insult celebrities…etc” 

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