SoulKnight-Jazz & Yvonne Okoro in ‘Adams Apples’


SoulKnight-Jazz_and_Yvonne_Okoro_in_Adams_Apples.142170258_largeThe Ghanaian or African movie industry as a whole is plagued with the same old faces; new promising talents are not given the prospect of exhibiting their hidden talents. One of such talent is a lady who is filled with hidden talent up her sleeves and set to give producers reasons to have a second thought as to whom they contact to feature in their movies when she is around, that actress is Yvonne Okoro who is gradually warming herself into the hearts of movie lovers. Not only is Yvonne beautiful, she has the talent, a good sense of humour, down to earth and a delight to watch on screen. Before she was contracted to play Ciara in the movie ‘Beyonce’ after the facial reconstructive surgery of Jackie Appiah, actress Yvonne Okoro has since been part of few movies. SEE MORE ON PAGE TWO

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