Glo Nigeria Now Offers 1.6GB Internet Data Bundle For PC/Tablet/Mobile Browsing For 1 Month Subscription At N2,000


    Glo Mobile Network is currently offering its numerous subscribers 1.6GB internet data bundle for browsing on PC and other devices as well for a month and for N2,000. In Glo’s quest to continuously bring to you the cheapest and affordable data bundle plans from any of the major networks in the country for your browsing pleasure, and due to the high cost of this data bundles, Glo Nigeria is happy to tell you, it has just recently launched a promo offer dubbed My Phone Double Promo where any Glo subscriber can now enjoy a double of the initial original data plan offered on my phone data plan which was 800MB for N2,000. This has started January 2014, you can now get double of the 800MB, making it 1.6GB for the same Old amount for a period of one month.

    Please note:
    1.) You must finish the 1.6GB before you can buy another plan, meaning you cannot accumulate the data.

    2.) No data rollover on this promo, so you won’t be able to carry over any unused data when the validity expires even if you still have data remaining and you re-subscribe.

    3.) You CANNOT top up with another plan

    Send 55 in an SMS to 127, or dial *127*55#   SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>

    Remember earlier, I mentioned on this blog the cheapest network plans available for browsing on PC and other devices. I started by mentioning the Airtel BIS N1,500 for 2GB plan which still works on PC and other devices, then followed by the MTN normal night data plan that offers 4.5GB for the month and which we said that out of the 4.5GB, that 1.5GB can be used to surf the internet all day through.

    Enjoy This Glo Plan and note you can share the data plan with your friends:

    But with this latest my phone double promo by Glo, in terms of our earlier order of cheapest internet data bundle that can be used to browse on PC and other devices, it now displaces the MTN night plan of N2,500 to occupy the 2nd spot with N2,000 after the airtel BIS plan of N1,500.
    So if by any means now, maybe the airtel network is poor and slow for browsing in your present location, you can easily opt for the Glo network if their network is better in your location, and that must come if you have successfully unlocked your current modem to work with any SIM.
    If you want to enjoy this very Glo New plan, all you need to do is to use any Glo line and send ‘’55” by SMS to 127, or alternatively just dial *127*55# after you must have recharged N2,000 on the line. You should remember that this is a promo and you have from now till April 2014 to be enjoying it
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