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We Miss Goodluck Ebele Jonathan By Kehinde Ifemi Maye


13087812_1065499253511924_8124980508414171426_n Kehinde Ifemi Maye Writes: Lets be honest! We miss GEJ. He was slow but he was moving. He was quiet yet we were kept informed. He was soft yet boko haram were fazing out. He was dark but we had light. His administration was a vector quantity, it had direction. He was reserved yet we had fun (thanks to Patience). He was a hero yet we never praised him. He promised little, he gave more. But i guess we wanted much more. So we were deceived. They condemned his strength and exaggarated his fault. They painted ‘Nigeria’s problem’ as ‘Jonathan’s problem’. They promised the impossible. Just to get our votes. And so we were deceived with their cry for ‘change’. BUT HOW CAN THEY CHANGE US WHEN THEY CANNOT CHANGE THEMSELVES!…

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