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Governor Rochas Okorocha explains reason behind Mass Sack of Workers in Imo State

0-80 Imo State “shook” with the news of the mass sack of State workers in early January, 2016.
Scores of the workers in 19 parastatals, agencies and departments were “suspended indefinitely”.

Staff of Imo Water Corporation, Imo Cattle Market, Imo Sports Council, Imo State Environmental Transformation Commission, ENTRACO, Imo Marketing Company, Imo Consumer Protection Council, Hospital Management Board, Imo Tourism Board, Imo Blue Lake of Treasure, Imo State Investment Promotion Agency, Imo Job Centre, Imo Water Development Agency, IWADA, Imo Library Board, Imo Agricultural Loans Board, Imo Livestock, Imo Poverty Alleviation Agency, Imo Palm Plantation, Agricultural Development Programme, ADP and Small Holders Unit were let go.

There were protests from Labour Unions and leaders, however, Governor Rochas Okorocha is standing firm on his decision. He spoke out for the first time regarding the issue yesterday when he met with aggrieved workers.

According to him, the actions were in the best interest of the State. He also said that in the current economic situation, the state can no longer accommodate the “sharp practices” of the affected staff. He outlined that the affected staff were using “the entire resources” of the state.

The labour union responded by saying that the due process was not followed. However, they still support the government.

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