Guide To Using Your Azsky Dongles, With Questions and Answers


    By now as an azsky user,you must have noticed that it blinks lights…well we engineers call it Light emitting diodes…thats led in short… Am gonna show you what the color means and how to interpret it…
    Q: The first question is, How should azsky led blink?
    Ans: For the above listed azsky products, the normal blink is an interchange of green and orange led (light). 
    In other words, when an azsky dongle is working normally, it will blink both green and orange lights interchangeably. If you use G1 or G1+ that has Double light, one light, the one on the left hand side will be locked on orange, while the other light will be blinking green and orange`interchangeably. The same applies to G6. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

     Q: My azsky dongle, blinks normally, yet its not opening encrypted channels

    Ans: There are three answers to this, it is either your decoder is the problem,(in this case, test with another decoder). Or your account has expired (in this case if you have never renewed your account before, buy an account and renew it) and finally Maybe azsky service is generally offline(In this case call your friends and family using azsky to confirm this). You should also check if you have enabled twin protocol or dongle option on your decoder.

    Q: My lights blinks Red, Green and Orange Interchangeably and my box is freezing badly thought its working why?

    Ans: This only happens when azsky team are carrying out maintenance on their servers.

    Q: Help both lights are locked on red on my azsky. In other words there is a non- blinking red light on my azsky

    Ans: This majorly happen when you have performed and incorrect upgrade of your azsky service account.As for the fake azsky, sorry no solution for you until an account is released by A+.
    Or azsky server is currently offline..thats if you have a working account.

    Q: My Azsky  led constantly blink red and green no orange light, this was not so before?

    Ans: The culprit here is simply your sim card, please change your sim card to a non-blackberry simcard.

    Q:  When i power on my azsky dongle, it blinks red rapidly in quick succession before changing to green or orange, can’t it simply blink orange and green?

    Ans: the fast red blinking is as a result of your dongle trying to login to azsky server, please allow it to finish its work. How strong your sim card network is, will determine how soon the red light changes to green.

    Q: My azsky light, is locked on green. In other words, there is standby green light.

    Ans: It means your internet connection is okay, but your rs232 cable is not firmly fixed to your decoder or your dongle.

    Q: What is the implication when my green light is blinking?

    Ans: It simply means your internet connection is okay, and your rs232 cable connection is okay.

    Q: What is the effect when my orange light is blinking?

    Ans: It means your azsky is updating with the azsky dongle and this is point when your airtime or MB will be depleting. it happens mostly when you change channels.
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