Habida Maloney Says ‘I have been raped Sometimes before but I overcame it’


563234_10152743510070722_1790964870_n-600x400One of Kenya’s pretty pop act, Habida Maloney has been raped before. The ‘Lights Up’ singer who is promoting a new campaign dubbed ‘Dear Superwomam’ which seeks to empower young girls who have also been victims of such circumstances to speak out, having been there before. She was quoted on Stam FM as saying: ‘I have been raped but I overcame it, I chose to tell no one but that was wrong, I want to inspire women to speak out so that their attacker will not have a chance to do it too any one else.’ She also stated that she imitated late American actress and author, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey who were rape victims also but are presently rated among the most influential women in the world. ‘I look up to Maya Angelou and Oprah, they are rape victims and because they overcame even the greatest odds being the colour, they are with grace and poise and they do/did not keep it to themselves, they share and build those who will listen.’ Habida Maloney is known as one of the popular female singers in Kenya, who has promise to lend her voice toreduce rape cases in the East Africa….

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