Happy Birthday Sasha: The Youngest Obama Celebrates Her 13th Birthday Today


article-0-1EA4F49500000578-894_634x614Sasha Obama celebrates her 13th birthday today, meaning that there is now officially one more teenager in the White House. In the last six years the middle schooler has blossomed before America’s eyes, turning from adorable seven-year-old into a sartorially and socially sharp adolescent. Happy birthday Sasha, As the youngest Obama celebrates her 13th birthday, her transition from cute kid to trendsetting teen  her eye for fashion has clearly evolved, Sasha is regularly seen in original looks from affordable stores, For her 12th birthday, she took friends to a One Direction concert in D.C., followed by a shopping trip in New York City’s. But Sasha has not been short of stylish trips as of late. Most notably in March she accompanied sister Malia, 15, mother Michelle and grandmother Marian Robinson on a trip to China where the brood toured historic spots including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

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