Happy Birthday To Nollywood Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomonse


Opeyemi-Ayeola-Owolomonse-400-x-533Happy Birthday To Nollywood Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomonse, Today (August 29) is the birthday of popular actress, Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomonse. She is from Ogun State. She attended Lagos State University where she studied Accounting. Some of her movies are Idoti Oju (Dirt In My Eye),Kadara Mi (My Destiny), Adun Ife (Sweet Love), and Osuwon Eda (The Measure of a Man). This true Nollywood queen- Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomonse is a naturally talented actress, and a fan favorite, especially among lovers of Yoruba movies. She got into acting through a chance encounter, with renowned producer, Wale Adenuga (Super Story). Her first movie was Aso Iye, which was released in 1998. Her second movie was Ige Adubi, which was released in 1995. Since featuring in these two movies, she has gone on to establish herself as a major actress, and a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian film industry. She is renowned her for deeply moving portrayals of her characters. She has featured in numerous movies,some of which are, Ògédé Didùn (Sweet Banana), Kadara Mi (My Destiny), Adun Ife (Sweet Love), Aya Mi Òwòn: (Madam Dearest),Osuwon Eda (The Measure of a Man). Opeyemi Ayeola Owolomonse relocated to London, after getting married in 2007. Join us at dailymail nigeria in wishing her a wonderful birthday, and many more years ahead.

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