Kikelomo Ayoola a budding Yoruba actress is not one to mince words when it comes to how she became an actress. Her tale is a twist of fate and talent. The bitter taste of heartbreak made her discover her passion for bringing roles to live. The beautiful actress who broke into the movie scene with ‘Talo pa Jesu’ opens up to Kenni on why she can’t quit acting for her relationship, the challenges of being a movie producer e.t.c


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How did your journey into acting start?
When I broke up with my ex a friend of mine advised me to be involved in phone chat in order to forget my experience .I met a guy through the phone chat who invited me to his house .It was at his place I met Toyin Adewale who happens to be the landlady of the dude. She has been a mentor to me and introduced me to the word of make believe

What are the challenges of being an actress?
I cannot see any challenge, may be it’s because I am new. On the flipside, as a movie producer it hasn’t been easy .I made a vow to quit movie production the first time I produced my own movie.
Have you ever been a victim of sex for roles?
I always hear of it but it hasn’t happened to me.




What do you regard as the sexiest part of your body?
All part of my body is sexy from head to toe. Every part is special to me.
Is there a role you won’t dare play?
I can play any role .Acting is my job .I can play the role of a lesbian. The one thing I won’t dare do is to be naked .
What are your favorite qualities in a man?
I look out for intelligence, cleanliness and good looks.




What if he is not rich?
Money isnt love, its just part of love.I cannot depend on my man we are in it to compliment each other.
What if he cannot satisfy you in bed?
I will get married to someone who is sexually compatible with me.
Have you ever acted a romantic scene?
Yes I have with Big val Joko Oreoluwa
Did you feel anything during the shoot?
I didn’t because i don’t have feelings for him and he isn’t my man and I wasn’t carried away during the shoot.
Who is that actor you will love to work with and why?
I will love to explore different personalities I don’t have one particular person in mind.
Can you quit acting for your relationship?
I cannot quit acting for my relationship my man has to love me for what I do.