Hilarious: Comedian Bovi’s Open Letter To Candy Crush


1627734_bovi_jpegd608265964182cf1b7594e06a9ee86b8Hilarious: Comedian Bovi’s Open Letter To Candy Crush, Dear Candy Crush, it is with joy I announce to you that I give up. Wetin sef? My current level has just opened my eyes to what u really are! 419!!!! How can you have a beginning and not have an end? Are u d word of God? Even bible says heaven and earth will pass away and u ordinary game u want to remain?? You are stupid. U are a time waster; worse than ikorodu road traffic. You are a false hope giver; worse than nepa. You are a horrible addiction; worse than hard drugs. You are an attention seeker; worse than instagram. You are a destiny killer; worse than prostitution. When they said time waits for no man, it’s u we were being warned against. You are even stronger than coffee and red bull cos u keep a tired soul awake. And u are greater than sex cos d urge for u is…. Ok no, this last one, u no reach. But I quit. I’ve tried. #deleteCapture5


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