Hollywod Movie: Run All Night Starring Liam neeson



“When a man is driven by passion, he can do the unimaginable”. And no one knows this better than the amazing actor Liam Neeson.   The mention of his name immediately conjures action-filled images in one’s head. No one makes a crime more exciting than Liam. 


From the “Taken” series to this new captivating movie “Run all Night”, Liam has shown he’s a master at this game and he never jokes with his own. He loves hard and fights harder so when you mess with anyone he loves, you better be a fantastic dancer because you WILL face the music.  You never want him as an enemy because no one wields a gun better than him. So when you are on the run, who else would you rather have as a protector?  We all know the answer to that.


This and so much more makes the new thriller “Run all night” absolutely spectacular. Situated in the Mafia world, Liam Neeson plays a former Irish mob enforcer who had to fight against his former boss who also happens to be his closest friend and an entire Mafia-nation in defense of his loved one. This action-packed, adrenaline pumping, heartbeat-increasing movie features other fantastic actors such as Joel Kinnaman, Common and Ed Harris and is certified to enthrall you from the beginning to the end.

But don’t take my word for it. Hurry to the nearest cinema starting Friday 17th April, 2015 with your family and friends because seeing they say, is believing. 

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