Honda Replaces Annoying Car Alarms With TERII


imgresAmerican Honda Motor Co., Inc., today ushered in a new era of car alarm technology with the release of TERII, the anti-theft negotiator, soon to be available on all Honda vehicles.”Car alarms have become less and less effective as a deterrent,” said Sidney Finch, TERII Project Lead at Honda. “The technological advancements of late have been focused on the quick recovery of a stolen vehicle. Our goal was to prevent the theft in the first place. And we have that in TERII,” she said.

TERII allows keyless entry to your Honda vehicle, much like conventional smart keys. But that’s where the comparison ends. Rather than keys, fingerprint scanners on the door handle identify the driver, or conversely, an intruder. TERII can transmit the thief’s prints and receive personal information through the IAFIS fingerprint database.

Once a theft attempt is determined, TERII initiates the first of five levels of negotiation to prevent unwanted ingress. TERII first attempts to reason with the thief, then escalates in tone and tactics as appropriate. TERII is empathically programmed, and is able to assess the threat level and adjust accordingly. “This technology has proven to be incredibly effective,” said Finch. SEE More On PAGE2


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