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Honorable Members Of Ebonyi House of Assembly Gets brand new 2016 Prado SUV Jeep From Governor Nweze Umachi


Igbo Amaka Writes: To All Ndi #Ebonyi, do you know that your state has the potential to become food sufficient and feed the whole Southeast & Niger Delta?

You’re blessed! But what happened to the famous Ebonyi Rice?  Why does your state have the highest contingent of street traders in Lagos? Why do you have the lowest GDP of any Igbo State? Why are public workers still owed salary in your state? Why is your state the only Igbo state that can be compared with academically backward Northern States?
I’ll tell you why, it’s because your Governor do things like buying Prado jeeps for rich politicians While the masses don’t have enough food, schools, clinics etc.
There’s nothing honorable in collecting expensive brand new SUVs while public workers are still owed salary in your state.
Why not work towards bringing @Toyotausa to invest in your state? Why not buy from Innoson an Igbo car maker based in Igboland?
Ndi Ebonyi, this is not an attack on you, it’s an attack on your political establishment. You must do better for the sake of the future generations. Hold them accountable, vote them out, if they dare rig the election then fight them anyhow you see fit! It’s better than suffering & smiling. Other Igbo States must do better too maka na

Credit: igbo.amaka

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