President Goodluck Jonathan’s List Of Achievement Unveiled


20720_892503820807741_7574804135218293439_nAccording to Hope For Nigeria Group this are the list of President Goodluck Jonathan’s Achievement so far:

1.Nigeria is for the FIRST TIME, the largest economy in Africa.
2.For the FIRST TIME in over 3 decades, our railways are functional and carrying thousands of passengers and freights per day.
3.This is the FIRST TIME any government has embarked on a wholesale remodeling of ALL our airports since they were built.
4.This is the FIRST TIME we have reduced our imported food cost astronomically, from 1.1 Trillion Naira in 2009 to 448 Billion Naira in 2014.
5.The FIRST successful power sector privatization, transparent and hitch free. Many regimes/administrations were afraid to take bold steps because of the cabals.
**GEJ has completed 10 Power plants within 3years, which is the FIRST and highest record by any President in Nigeria living or dead. So why re ignorant people talking as if the Power issue is an instant magic thing. Obviously with our large population, we will need more power plants to generate more power.
6.Our electricity generation reached its all-time peak of 4500 megawatts for the FIRST TIME in 2012.
7.For the FIRST TIME, 90% of farmers have access to fertilizers in one click using their mobile phone.
8.FIRST cassava bread was launched and now available in shops.
9.FIRST made in Nigeria vehicles by a private company (Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing) in August 2014 due to Goodluck’s automotive policies.
10.FIRST ever Federal government support for the entertainment industry (Nollywood) with a N3billion intervention fund.
11.FIRST TIME since indigenization decree in the 70’s that government has used policies like the Nigerian Content Act to empower Nigerian businesses to participate actively in oil and gas.
12.FIRST Almajiri School (now over 100 of them) in Northern Nigeria for educationally disadvantaged children.
13.This is the FIRST TIME we have over 35% (HIGHEST NUMBER EVER!) of women appointed into government
**1st lady Supreme Court Judge,
** First woman cadets in our army,
** First female pilots (One from Buhari’s village btw)
** First female petroleum Minister etc etc…
***Women, please VOTE wisely!
14.FIRST TIME the United Nations Conference for Trade & Development (UNCTAD) would, for 2 consecutive years, name Nigeria as the FIRST destination for investment in Africa.
15.Under the GEJ administration, minimum wage was raised from N7,500 to N18,000.
16.For the FIRST TIME, GEJ signed Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) …though some people are using this freedom to now insult their president.
17. FIRST electoral reforms in Nigeria. For the FIRST TIME, Nigerians can actually say elections is about one man one vote – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan Achievements

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