How Abuja nightclub operators, customers stave off terrorism


abuja-nightclubHow Abuja nightclub operators, customers stave off terrorism, in Abuja, it is evident that chronic night crawlers do not want the current insecurity to force them into retreat. As such, nightclub operators and even customers alike now employ diverse strategies to stave off terror attacks on such facilities. 

Abuja Xtra, recently, was at a popular nightclub in Kubwa on a fact-finding mission. It was really fun to see how fun-seekers in the satellite town, where many residents could not just do without going for clubbing, enjoyed themselves in the face of the current wave of insecurity.

Right from the entrance to the club arena, it was simply good, and not embarrassing as it were, for one to be subjected to high-level scrutiny introduced by the operator. The decision to secure customers was really something that deserves commendation.

Well-seated in a vantage position and having observed activities going on there for a while, Abuja Xtra moved on to speak with the acting manager of the facility, Iyah Peters.

Peters displayed rare hospitality and beamed with smiles throughout the period of the rather impromptu interview. Initially, he thought a customer had approached him for an enquiry, but at last, he humbly had to sit and brace up for the interview session.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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