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How finances affects sex life?

manwifeanddog How finances affects sex life?There is a popular saying around this part of the world that women respond to money. Or better stated, women love money and are motivated by it.In Yoruba, it is stated as “owo ni obinrin mo.” This is not just true about women, men are also not excluded. Men love, and are motivated by money. The difference is in the degree of response. Even at that, it also varies from person to person, whether man or woman.

I have come to discover that in marriage, the level of couples’ financial stability has a direct bearing on their sex life. When the finance is good, the sex life is most likely good also, and if the finance is poor, the sex life is most likely poor. Why is this so? Stress is one of the factors that lead to poor sex life.

Poor finance puts a lot of stress on the family, especially the couple. It affects the self esteem of a good husband and puts emotional pressure on the wife. When this is allowed to go on for a long time, especially if the husband can no longer provide adequately for the family, it affects the sex life, and may eventually lead to divorce, separation, or extra-marital affairs. This is why a lot of extra-marital affairs go on these days.

Why does poor finance impact on couples’ sex life negatively?

Sex for a man is a way of releasing tension. When the sac is full, the man wants to empty it, and will be ready for sex. But for a woman, sex is an emotional thing. The mind is the first sex organ of the woman. When the mind is troubled, a woman cannot respond adequately to sex. This is why the woman is said to respond to money more than the man. Lack of money negatively impacts the emotions of the wife than the husband. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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