How JUMIA Redefined e-commerce in 2014; empowering Nigeria and Nigerians


Jumia-2014-Overview2014 has been a record breaking year for e-commerce and Jumia in Nigeria, and to end the year, the Jumia team have released an infographic with amazing facts, figures and records broken in 2014. Since Jumia’s launch in 2012, the team has been committed to empowering Nigerians, building trust in online shopping and emerging as the online retailer of choice for Nigerians. Have you ever wondered how high orders placed in 2014 at Jumia would be when stacked up on each other? You simply have no idea.  220 Burj Khalifa placed on one another will be a dead ringer.! Or do you want to know the longest call ever received from a customer in 2014 or even maybe the farthest distance covered in delivery of a single item. Other amazing facts you may want to know is what brands Jumia customers bought the most, how many customers visited the page and awesome stuff the leading online retailer is doing for society, and this is just a tip of the iceberg. In 2014, in a move that further redefined the ecommerce industry in Nigeria, Jumia secured new rounds of investments in the initial sum of €120 million from MTN Group, Africa’s leading Telecommunications Company, a move that has been seen by many as the strongest alliance in Nigerian corporate circles. This investment, among others made by existing shareholders, strengthened JUMIA’s position as the leading online retailer in Africa. This saw the launch of the MTN ‘Be Better’ campaign. “The Be Better campaign taps into the desire of Nigerians to live a better life for themselves and their families, looking at various facets of their lives. MTN therefore encourages Nigerians to enrich themselves with the power of information powered by the internet on their mobile devices. This way they can make better decisions, learn and do new things!” Bayo Adekanbi, CMO, MTN Nigeria. Jumia and MTN also embarked on series of campaigns aimed at sensitizing their customers as to the amazing world of opportunities across both platforms. The JUMIA/MTN connectivity week, saw both brands storm the streets with an aim to bridge the gap between customers offline and the over 100,000 products available on Jumia as well as the amazing gadgets and services from MTN across Lagos, Ibadan and Ogun State. To end what has been a remarkable year MTN launched the ‘Season of Surprises’ campaign, that had some lucky customers get amazing Jumia vouchers for their loved ones, talk about ending the year in style. Speaking about the growth of Jumia in 2014, Nicolas Martin, Co-CEO Jumia Nigeria said; “This time last year, I said to all my staff that we will be 10 times bigger than what we currently are but interestingly, some of them found it really hard to believe. 2014 is over and guess what, we are over 10 times bigger. I am indeed not surprised, our customers have been all we have and we constantly work to provide them with service excellence making every trip to our store a shopping experience to remember”.


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