How Singer Mary J. Blige Feels about Sam Smith?


Mary-J.-Blige-and-Sam-Smith-600x425How Singer Mary J. Blige Feels about Sam Smith? Mary J. Blige is a big fan of Sam Smith. The ‘Right Now’ hitmaker – who collaborated with the 22-year-old singer on her latest album, The London Sessions – has revealed that she loves the ‘honesty’ in his songs. When asked what she was listening to at the moment, she told the Independent’s Radar magazine: ‘Sam Smith’s ‘In the lonely hour’. I love his vocals, his stories and his music.’ ‘There’s so much honesty and his voice is so soothing, it just covers you.’ Meanwhile, Sam – who co-wrote Mary’s latest single, ‘Therapy’ – recently admitted that he initially wanted the track for himself but gave it to her because she ‘fell in love’ with it. Speaking about the track, he previously said: ‘Obviously Mary J. Blige is a huge influence to me, and I adore her. And I would have jumped at the opportunity of course at any time, but the way it happened was so amazing. I almost got to know her before I even began. ‘The song ‘Therapy’, which she sang at the AMAs, I wrote for my record. But then she heard it and fell in love with it and she sang it. And I actually only took two days off, actually, to go in the studio and write. ‘But I feel so emotionally invested in it, and it’s so weird for me to say that Mary has now become my friend. Seeing her perform that at the AMAs, I was so proud. It was a raw performance, and everyone was playing live, and it just showed the type of artist she is.’…

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