Video: How to Annoy a Great White Shark “The Expert Guide”


196_1Great_White_Shark_with_Open_JawsLBThis Discovery Channel’s Lair of the Mega Shark, two shark experts attempt to fit a camera to the dorsal fin of a great white shark. What could possibly go wrong? The footage shows these experts failing to tag the great white, annoying the bejesus out of it and almost becoming dinner whilst flirting with animal cruelty.

In the footage we hear the observation, “It’s a little nerve-racking being in a boat no bigger than the size of the shark. The shark is actually bigger than our boat.” Reminiscent of that immortal Jaws line: “You’re going to need a bigger boat”.

Another expert shouts “I don’t think this is such a brilliant  idea you know.” All the while a 6m great white is bumping and grinding their inflatable rib. We’re no experts but it looks like these guys need to rethink their strategy.

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