How to Customize A Coca Cola Bottle With Your Name In Nigeria? ”Share a Coke campaign”


COKECoca-Cola: Bonding with consumers To draw customers closer, Coca-Cola Nigeria has introduced Share a Coke activation through which it puts their names in its bottles.  Customer is king”, so goes the adage. The reality in this aphorism is brought home in the marketplace where the consumer determines what to buy and who to buy from.2086086_coke2_jpege59b8a3373855ccb169cfd02e45e9626

Consumers want more than the functional satisfaction of a product or an informative and interesting advertisement. They want brands to see and relate with them not as statistics or mass targets but as persons with their own views and emotional needs. Simply put, consumers want an experience! Brands that can meet this craving will win consumers over.share-a-coke-hello

Some consumer-focused brands, such as Coca-Cola, understand this shift in consumer orientation they are putting in efforts in ensuring that they offer unusual consumer experiences. Coca-Cola appears to have taken this response a notch higher with its ongoing Share a Coke campaign.

With the Share a Coke campaign, not only is Coca-Cola satisfying its consumers’ cravings for recognition and brand experience, it is doing so in a very personal way that has struck the right chords with consumers everywhere.share-a-coke

This reality was evident when the brand thrilled students and other consumers at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) campus with on-the-spot customisation of Coke cans. Teens and adults thronged the venue to get their names and those of their friends branded on Coke cans. A majority of the lucky persons who got the personalised cans, even if they consume the content, but will leave certainly keep the cans as prized memento.


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