How To Deactivate Auto Renewal Of BlackBerry Plan On MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat

    How To Cancel Auto Renewal Of BlackBerry Plan On MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat. it’s is here again with updates. Many people now use blackberry this days, i even wonder what some novice do with this awesome smartphone because this phone ought to be in the hands of a pretty good phone operator. And also This days our network providers has been generating a very huge sum of money from this blackberry subscription and i don’t think they want that to stop so they make the subscription auto renew itself anytime there is sufficient airtime on your phone for the subscription. Though some people love this while some don’t, so for those that don’t like it they tend to find the way of stopping this auto renew service but no avail. After reading this post you will be able to disable the auto renew service. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

    For MTN:
    Here’s is a confirmed step to get the mtn auto renewal feature deactivated.
    Send ‘NO‘ in an sms to 21600 and you should get a success message.

    For Airtel:
    As at the time of posting this, i don’t think Airtel automatically renews a bb package, the best option is to cancel your bb pin when its about to expire by simply texting ‘Deactivate’ in an sms to ’440‘.
    For Glo:
    Simply text ‘Cancel‘ in an sms to 777
    For Etisalat:
    Simply text ‘stop‘ in an sms to 229 or dial *229*0#
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