Raining_Wallpaper_3j5dwHOW TO ENJOY YOUR DAY ON A RAINING DAY?Rainy days are rarely a pleasure and most of us usually hate this time. Rainy days urge people to sit around doing nothing with a terrible spirit of depression. I’m especially dispirited when a nasty weather ruins my plans,the tricks stated below are super useful for any weather;

1. At-Home Spa

A rainy autumn day is a great time to pamper yourself. This is a good way to enjoy a rainy day when you are alone. While such options like dyeing your hair or getting a trim requires professional aestheticians and hairdressers only, other beauty treatments can be easily done at home. Moreover, at-home spa enables you to save a considerable amount of money.

To begin with, indulge yourself with a fragrant hot bath. I always mix sea salt with a couple of drops of my favorite essential oils. When I want to relax I opt for vanilla or lavender scents. Now you can soak in the bath as long as you wish and get an aromatherapy at home. Then, exfoliate your skin and apply your favorite facial mask. Use natural ingredients and prepare your homemade beauty aids. Mani-pedi session will help complete the makeover.

2. Overall Cleaning

Frankly speaking, I don’t like cleaning. I do it since it’s on the list of things I should perform at the end of each week, but it’s not that enjoyable. When rain pours, however, cleaning is a perfect way to stay active and productive. If you have kids, it’s even better! You can arrange a cleaning competition and contest with your household who’s going to cope with the task first. Most probably, your kids won’t help you with overall cleaning, but you will surely have lots of fun.

Turn up the music, get equipped with an apron and rubber gloves and enjoy the cleaning! Physical activity will increase the level of dopamine and boost your mood in a jiff. Moreover, it will help you burn those extra calories!

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