How To Find Your Dream Job?


    Choosing what you love and making it your job, how true is that? Can it really be achieved, irrespective of location & profession? I found a perfect answer, which I would be sharing with you in a moment.
    According to James Citrin and Richard Smith in their book called “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers” (the book was based on in-depth, original research and extensive experience of the authors), they proposed that there are threecritical elements responsible for finding the right fit in a career i.e. find a job you love. These three elements are:
    – Playing to your strengths
    – Setting your passions free and
    – Working with the right set of people
    They believed that when “you find your strengths, passions, and cultural fit, you will be happier and more successful in your career. How simple indeed. However, from the thousands of professionals they surveyed ONLY 9 percent believed they are in jobs that fully leverage their strengths, performing activities that they are passionate about in an energizing environment and with people that they like and respect.” SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>

    After encountering the above research findings as presented in their book, I came to the understanding of why every employee/job holder is always on the move to change jobs! It is the quest to strike a balance between all three elements. I believe this would hold true for those that make ‘career fulfilment their main goal and not ‘cash fulfilment’.
    – As an employee, ask yourself – does my current job role play to my strength?
    – Am I passionate about going to work each morning? Do I love to be with my colleagues at work or say your boss at work?
    – And as an employee planning to change employers, ask yourself – will my new role play to my strength? Will I be passionate about my new role? And will I grow career wise with my new employer’s?
    These are the main questions you need to ask and consider very deeply.
    In closing, finding a job you love is not a day’s job, it requires a lot of balancing act based on the three elements above – your strength, your passion and the people you work with, When the balance is right, you can make bold to say you are doing a job you love
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