How To Get PD-PROXY Premium Recharge/Subscription Voucher.


    I recently wrote about PD-Proxy, a virtual Network service that is very useful for internet users who wish to Browse the web securely, anonymously and fast! – The reason why this software has become so popular is because of its ability to Bypass Blocked websites, Mobile Network Billing firewalls

    PD-Proxy is free to Try and you get a 100 MB limit on their test / Demo servers; But to enjoy full and unlimited service, you must be a Premium User by paying a $5 (800) / per month subscription fee. Small Price to pay to enjoy unlimited Internet huh?

    PD-Proxy Free Premium Accounta

    How to 
    PD-Proxy is Giving away Free 3 months Premium Subscription to Bloggers, I just got mine this morning.
    To get your free 3 Months Premium subscription from PD-Proxy do this:

    • Publish a Blog Post about PD-Proxy, product and services – more than 150 words with the Keywords PD-Proxy VPN Service linking to
    • Send the Link of the Blog post along with your PD-Proxy Username to
    • Your Post will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be notified via email.

    Here’s a Sample of a Blog post about PD-Proxy that could win you a free Premium Account.It has been said that Blogging opens doors for most people, so grab this opportunity now. If you own a Blog and want to use PD-Proxy – Get premium now.(add me on BBPIN: 227A3FC5 or Call 08059596730

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