bruiseHOW TO HEAL A SKIN BRUISE NATURALLY?, Bruises never seem to pick a good time to show up. If you’re like me, you come from a long line of people who “bruise easily”. As a child, I remember my moms legs always being covered in bruises. She was always a bit self-conscious about wearing shorts and skirts in the summertime. Her bruises were caused by anemia, but there are a lot of reasons this happens. Frequent bruising is more common in women than men.

Bruising is a result of injury to tissues beneath the skin. The small capillaries rupture and blood runs out and pools, causing discoloration as it seeps through the skin’s layers. Body parts can become bruised by simply hitting a hard object or they may be the result of more serious injuries, blood clotting disorders, or even side effects of poor diet, anemia, and medication side effects. There are many situations that cause bruising. Many are minor, but some may point to serious underlying health concerns.

What Causes Bruising?

•People who are malnourished or don’t get enough vital nutrients through their diet are more prone to bruising. Vitamin C deficiency and anemia (low iron in the blood) are common culprits. Other deficiencies that can lead to bruising are vitamin B12, K and folic acid.

•Blood clotting disorders can thin the walls of blood vessels making them very delicate and susceptible to rupture, leading to frequent bruising.

•Heavy smoking damages the blood vessels and may also lead to frequent and easy bruising.

•Bruising is often a symptom of more serious underlying health conditions including AIDS, cancer, lupus and kidney or liver disorders. If you are bruising easily and frequently for no known reason, it may be time to seek medical attention.

•Medication side effects from aspirin and blood thinners cause easy bruising.

•Age. Both older people and small children tend to bruise easily because they have less fat beneath the skin to act as padding.n   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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