How to keep your woman & Stay Married?


How to keep your woman & Stay Married? I feel it is worth publishing and may be even be more important. Perhaps next week, we will write an article on ‘How to keep a man in your bed.’ Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Heads or tails The man is the head and, more often than not, the breadwinner for the family. This confers some modicum of respect and privilege on the man. On the other hand, the woman is supposed to be submissive and obedient to her man as described in most religions. Morally, though right, the sanctity of marriage means that the delicate balance should not be destroyed. Even when a woman is the breadwinner, respect for the man is important and for the same reason, the man should not take things for granted. There is an age-long adage that a woman is to be seen not heard. It is not so again because these days, our women are being seen and heard. Many women are in positions of power and fairly well off. It takes a strong man who is sure of himself to manage such women. Women are now go-getters and pace-setters in many endeavours of life and so demand some respect and mutual understanding to get the best out of them. They do not want to be looked down on by men; and understandably so. If you need a door mat, then perhaps an uneducated girl, who may become a drain on your resources, is your best bet. Men should be passionate enough with their women and not trample on their emotions so that they can enjoy them. Show them love, be part of their everyday activity, appreciate their opinion, respect and trust them, above all, compliment their beauty, hard-work and handiwork as these will boost their morale. Take time off to spoil them a little and they will in turn spoil you rotten. You should always treat your woman as if each day is the last day on earth. Come with clean hands Be honest with your partner and share your emotions. Discuss your fears and insecurities and listen to her fears. Many women are innately jealous and insecure, especially about other women. Do not give room for jealousy to manifest in your relationship. Put your woman on a pedestal and worship her. The truth is that others will treat her the way you treat her.

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