How To Know If Your Boyfriend Will Become Rich One Day


ec6d7d1d779c6fd733efa7f7bab5fc3c_L1. He knows he is good at something. Knowing his worth is usually the first step towards wealth creation. Baby-sitting, baking, gardening or whatever so long as he recognizes that the skills he honed are exchangeable for money.

2. He is self-disciplined. He has the ability to concentrate on future financial goals without swaying from everyday tasks that will lead him there. No matter how boring or unpleasant.

3. He lives below his means. It doesn’t mean he’s a miser. He chooses to accumulate more wealth rather than to succumb to short-lived pleasures of buying a Rolex or a BMW. Someone in the relationship has to make his sacrifice at the beginning. If not him, who else?

4. He is a doer. He doesn’t blabber on and on about how he is going to do something great. He just does it. He doesn’t complain about doing stuff. He just does it.

5. He is extremely curious. He takes time and effort to figure out the nuts and bolts of why things work or don’t work. Opportunity sometimes arises when he stumbles upon an unserved niche.


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