How To Repair A Broken Relationship After Infidelity: See Seven (7) Ways Below

Young couple embracing on beach
Young couple embracing on beach

What can a couple, which built their lives around one another, do after a case of infidelity? For the couples that choose to work through it, here are some things to expect:

1. Honesty

Honestly is the key. Once a partner finds out about infidelity, he or she will have many heavy questions that are not easily answered.

Details of the actual s*xual encounter can increase symptoms related to post traumatic stress disorder and increase emotional pain, not to mention painfully vivid pictures stuck in the brain.

2. Feelings To Be Expected

It is important to understand a spouse’s traumatized emotions. Partners can react to news of cheating in ways related to acute stress disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Infidelity can raise deep fears and damage to self-esteem. It can cause intense anger, reoccurring dreams, unwanted and intruding thoughts or flashbacks and feelings of despair.

Also much like PTSD, feelings of being stuck in the drama can continuously make one partner feel like he or she is on hyper-alert.

It is likely that the partner will repeatedly ask similar questions over a period of weeks are months.

3. Offering Transparency

Because symptoms like PTSD can result from infidelity, it will be necessary for the cheater to provide full transparency.

The partner will want to look at all social media platforms, including Facebook messages, texts, emails, Twitter and phone calls.

It would be best if the cheating partner offers complete transparency and allows the partner to look at anything he or she wants and at any time.

If a partner is sending messages to a third party and actively hide the interactions, he or she may be in an emotional affair, which can be damaging to the relationship, too.

Of course, personal messages to family members should be respected as private.

4. Don’t Get Defensive

Defensive statements like, “Well, you didn’t give me the time of day, so what was I supposed to do?” actually pass blame to the partner for the cheater’s cheating.

It is an unhealthy spiral that will only lead to other issues. Focus on one issue at a time. Speak from the “I,” like, “I felt so lonely.” This statement doesn’t spread blame for actions.


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