How To Setup Your Internet & Blackberry’s APN For MTN, Glo, Etisalat And Airtel Networks


    The APN  Internet Settings given in this blog Are Strictly for Mtn Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria Users.
    You must set up your blackberry’s APN settings if you want to use apps that require direct internet connection like 2go.
    For Blackberry OS 6.0 and higher versions:
    Choose “options” from your phones home screen
    Choose “Device” then “Advanced System Settings” and then “TCP/IP”.
    For BB OS <6.0 (i.e 5.x, 4.x etc)
    Choose “options” from your phones home screen.
    Choose “Advanced Options” and then TCP/IP.
    Make sure the “APN Settings Enabled box” is checked. Additionally check the “APN Authentication Enabled” box if your carrier requires a username and password, otherwise leave it unchecked and leave the fields blank. SEE SETTINGS AFTER CUT>>>

    Settings for Mtn
    Username: web
    Password: web

    Settings for Etisalat
    APN: etisalat
    Username: none
    Password: none

    Settings for Airtel
    Username: none
    Password: none

    Settings for Glo
    APN: gloflat
    Username: flat
    Password: flat
    Press the menu key and select “save”
    If you live in a country other than Nigeria or use a different carrier not listed above just search up your carriers APN settings on Google or any other search Engine.
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